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Welcome to the web-site of Residential Energy Professionals, LLC. The company was formed in June 2007 to respond to the growing demand for improved indoor air quality, comfort and energy savings among homeowners, builder’s of energy efficient homes, remodeling contractors, real estate professionals serving the residential market and architects and designers of new and renovated homes.

Housing prices in the tri-state area have experienced significant increases over the last 5-7 years. The purchase of a newly constructed or custom home, an existing home or major renovation to your current home can be the most significant and satisfying investment you will ever make. That is why with energy prices skyrocketing (oil and gas increases in the range of 16%-20% this winter alone), climate change and green house gasses on the rise, now is the time to undertake a “whole house system approach” to be a more responsible energy consumer.

By undertaking a certified energy audit the homeowner, builder, real estate professional and/or design professional can be certain that a physical test as well as a comprehensive energy model will be performed, and if the list of recommendations or improvements are incorporated the home will be healthier, more comfortable, quieter, more reliable, code compliant and contribute to a Greener America.

Before you commit to the purchase of a new or existing home or undertake the planning and design of a custom home or of a major renovation to your existing home, contact us today for a free in home consultation.

I am a licensed Architect and an Accredited LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) professional as well as a certified energy auditor through H.E.R.S. (Home Energy Rating Service) which is recognized by all Federal & State energy programs.

We will consult with you, your architect, builder or remodeling contractor and real estate professional to optimize the performance of your family’s home.

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Transforming your family’s home to a more sustainable, energy efficient and healthier living environment does not necessarily require an entire facelift. As energy professionals, we can assist the homeowner by providing the following services

Building Professional

Residential Energy Professionals, LLC can assist developers, builders and remodeling contractors to complete projects that are more energy efficient, healthier to live in and better for the environment.

Real Estate Professional

As a Real Estate Professional, Mortgage Broker or Lender you will show your commitment to each and every buyer/seller by encouraging a comprehensive energy audit that is performed prior to closing.

Design Professional

As design professionals, your responsibility is to ensure that the residential property complies with all current local, state and federal code regulations.

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